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Thursday, December 03, 2015

The 2016 Papa Stronsay Calendar!

I'm pleased to let you know that our 2016 Papa Stronsay Calendar has shipped out and there are more available!  Watch the video below to see everything you could be getting with a Papa Stronsay Calendar!


You can order the calendar from our website here.

You can even conveniently order your calendars right here on this very page:
Last year there were some who questioned our inclusion of the Zodiac signs in our Calendar.  If you are also interested, you can read our responses in a series of posts on our blog.  They appear in reverse order here:

Remember that if you have a Subscription to our Catholic newspaper, you will already be receiving one copy of the calendar.


Anonymous said...

Wow I gotta get myself one of them.

Konstantin said...

I'm really looking forward to my calendar again. And another great voice-over, Brother ;-)

God bless,


KitKatCot said...

Calendar arrived last week. Thank you very much... for reminding me that Easter is early again this year and my birthday falls on Maunday Thursday. The highlight of my life (not) was when my 21st birthday was on Good Friday!

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