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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Saint Servanus, Bishop, Confessor and „Apostle of the Orcadians” 432 AD

  • His life is found in the Acta Sanctorum, by the Bollandists. His feast day is on 1st July. He is mentioned by many old authors, including Hector Boethius, Fordonus, Joannes Major, Polydorus Virgilius and Leslaeus.

  • The Scottish author Camerarius relates:
    “St. Servanus, bishop and confessor, and apostle to the Orcadians, was born in Scotland of virtuous parents, and was sent to be educated as a monk in the monastery of Culross, … [Later,] he helped to spread the Gospel with St. Palladius, who had been sent by Pope Celestine to the Scots before the year 431 to root out the Pelagian heresy. Nor did he cease his labours that the Orcadians, at that time not as yet Christians, should be united to the Catholic Church. And so he was sent to the Orkneys by Saint Palladius; although the voyage was very difficult, he did not fear the rough sea. Upon his arrival, he discovered that the people had been perverted by the error of heresy. And so Servanus, frequently celebrating Holy Mass to draw down upon himself the blessings of God, began to work for the salvation of souls, firstly by devoting himself to corporal works of mercy. He visited the prisoners and rendered aid to those oppressed by want; nor did he fail to preach to the nobles and to speak privately with them. And the Lord was always with him, and confirmed his words by signs and miracles. By these and similar works of apostolic charity, Servanus came to be known far and wide, so that he was even called the Apostle of the Orcadians. He wrote several epistles by which it clearly appears how much Servanus was united with God. Not only did he receive, but he also overflowed with the sweetness of the divinity. His mind was illuminated by God regarding the splendour of spiritual truths, not merely sometimes, but perpetually. His charity towards his neighbour was matched only by his ardent desire to be martyred for the love of Christ.”

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your many beautiful posts. It is wonderful to see you all. May St Servanus bless you, keep you and prosper your holy works.

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