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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ship shape!

Our ferry, “Sancta Maria”, has been badly in need of a paint. So, while the weather was fine, the community got outside to start the job.

Br Xavier ‘stops on ramp’ to remove some rust.

It’s a big job, and must be taken a bit at a time. We’re concentrating on the front for now.
-Don't worry Brother, it's only primer!

Br. Magdala Maria, C.SS.R. removing rust…



Andrew Teather said...

Very uplifting photos! When I was at Pluscarden a while ago, one of the community mentioned that you were planning on making cheese. Is this true? If so, I would be interested in buying some.
Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Happy St. Alphonsus Days guys!!
Happy anniversary to any who were professed or invested on these two days (Aug 1st and Second)

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