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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

St Gerard Relics

We receive a large number of requests for relics of St Gerard but recently some have not been able to be completed as the requester left something out of their message. Please make sure that your address is clearly given in the email, your name and the number of relics you would like to receive. Please also always be sure to send us your email address with your contact details!

The following good souls have requested relics but we are unable to send them as their details are deficient and they have left no email address for us to contact them and enquire.

M.A.A. and J.P. – no address, cannot send relics.
MCB – Sorry, your address has been bunched together as we received it, could you possibly send again as it is very difficult to decipher with certainly as in a lovely but far away place. Apologies and very good to hear from you, look forward to hearing from you again.
AMB – Contact button scrambled address but relics now on the way. Apologies.
MM – Relic on its way. God bless.
BT – Definite prayers for intention. Relic on its way.

If you are in need of a relic, details can be found here.


Holly Hall said...

Thank you so much for my relic, Father; I have had mine for quite some time and it is one of my most prized possessions. I just really need St. Gerard's help in getting my daughter back, which is why I keep writing for his intercession. Keep asking him to come to my aid and I hope that I will be able to share some good news of my daughter's return with you soon. God bless.

Philip Gerard Johnson said...

I have been praying for a relic of Saint Gerard, and a small First Class relic just came my way via a priest of the FSSP - he didn't even know I wanted one! Thanks be to God, and I am now united to your Community in a deeper way through our beloved Saint Gerard.

God bless you.

Frances T said...

Grateful thanks to St Gerard. My heartbroken infertile daughter has been blessed with a little girl (October 2017) and is expecting another baby (December 2019) when there seemed to be no hope after many prayers and three years of problems. Deo Gratias

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