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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stronsay chapel receives its four bells

It is the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows
the week before the Equinox.
These days any grey day is a good one.
And the sea is calm now.

The monastery boat 'Charnetsky' lies quietly at its mooring
while a carefree Comorant comes in close by.

On the other side of the pier
Mr. De Burger is sailing his clinker yacht in the gentle breeze.

At the southern end of the pier can be seen
Our Lady's chapel on the left.
In the middle is our Stronsay house, named St. Magnus,
where a priest and brother stay during rough weather
to ensure daily Mass on Stronsay.
Across the road from St. Magnus,
to the right in the photograph and painted white,
is the Stronsay Hotel.

The renovation of the exterior of the chapel
is coming towards a high note...
the scafolding is being adjusted
for the addition of the chapel bells.

The bell team:
Mr. Paul Williams, Br. Xavier Maria and Br. Magdala Maria.

Of course they begins with the Asperges.
And plenty of it.
Br. Xavier preparing the mix.

The bell mix.

For an even note.
The bell is formed on the wall by creating a gentle slope
so that when the wood is removed
the remaining bell shaped cement
(called in the trade 'the bell')
will direct rainwater away from the wall
and onto the ground below.

Thanks from us all
to the bell team.

Thanks be to God and to Mary
for the fine grey day
and for the gentle, grey sea breezes.


Br. Martin said...

Very, VERY clever! you really had me thinking there were going to be bells!

Anonymous said...

Me Too. Good to see Brother Xavier working hard. I suppose he will need a bit of a rest when he gets back to Christchurch. God Bless to you all

umblepie said...

Immediately beneath the heading, there is a link inviting us to 'listen now'. I clicked on this and I would like to say that I heard the sonorous chimes of mighty bells, but I didn't and I can't! Unbelleevable!

Michelle Therese said...

And here I was waiting to see big metal bells! And I was sooooo confused about the bells being made of concrete hahahaha!!

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