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Friday, June 19, 2009

The Passing Shadow Beneath the Roman Sun

Yesterday, 18th June, the first anniversary of our Reconciliation with the Holy See, Father Michael Mary and the five seminarian Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer took Ryanair to Rome, to be present at today's Papal Vespers of the Sacred Heart, and the opening of the Year for the Priest.
We stood about two hours beneath the Roman Sun before gaining access to St. Peter's Basilica at 4.30 P.M. It was well worth the wait since we were able to be seated well up the front and to be about 4 feet from the Holy Father when he processed past us. The following photographs are taken from this evening's ceremony.
(Left click the photographs to see them clearly.)
Peter passes in the person of Pope Benedict XVI
There is a passage in Acts 5 that speaks of the healing power of Peter's shadow; in some mysterious and spiritual way, it continues on in his successor. There are graces to be received in that shadow for traditional Catholics. We recommend its sweetness.
Benediction was followed by silent adoration.
St. Peter's Basilica silent in adoration with Pope Benedict XVI
Our Shepherd the Holy Father passes "Full in the panting heart of Rome beneath th'apostles' crowning dome..." -Cardinal Wiseman


St. Jude Pray For Me said...

What a joy, Dear Rev. Fr. Michael Mary, F.SS.R., it is to recognize in your words the same simplicity and purity of heart of those children around the Christ.
May God bless every step of your way towards reconciliation.

With All Respect

Anonymous said...

Dear Fr. Michael and brothers,

I am so delighted to see that you were so close the Holy Father. I wish I was there too.. Hope to hear more when I see you again. Please do remember me when you are in the Holy city.

God bless you all.

Peter Simpson said...

What a week! Bishop Peter and now Peter himself! Deo Gratias!

Anonymous said...

I hope you remembered to pray for your Lost Sheep, Father.

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