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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sung Mass at Holy Mary in Transpontina

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Thanks to the Angel of Orkney, the weather for our second day in the Eternal City was humid with some light breezes and cloud cover.
This morning at 10 A.M. Holy Mass was chanted beneath the miraculous image, and at the altar of, Holy Mary in Transpontina.
The sacred image of Our Lady in this church was brought to Rome from Mount Carmel by the Order of hermits when they had to escape from the Moslems in the 13th Century. It is enshrined above the altar, and beneath the roof of a massive marble crown supported by angels; marble rays, as it were, go forth from the image.
We assure all who have asked for our prayers that they form part of the intentions of the Masses offered during this pilgrimage and that they are entrusted to Our Lady as we visit Her shrines here. Today we especially remembered our Carmelite friends: the Monks in Wyoming and the Nuns in Christchurch.


St. Jude Pray For Me said...

Thanks for remembering us in your prayers, Dear Reverend Father,
your noble-mindedness is testified by any of your acts, even the most simple.
What an onerous honor, what an unexpected grace it is to be in your good books.
God bless

With All Respect

Carmelite said...

Nice to see that the EF was offered at the Church of our Order at Via della Conciliazione

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