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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Possible Good News ?

Last year our reconciliation with the Holy See (June 18th 2008) was bitterly criticised by supporters of the SSPX. Now, within days of our first anniversary, Bishop Fellay reports that the Society too is not adverse to taking a similar position of reconciliation with the Holy See before the clarification of doctrine.
If this is true then all bitterness should cease since we did only what the Society is itself contemplating. We are happy to hear this and can assure all SSPX supporters that our experience is that the Church has given "us enough guarantee, so to say, of survival..."....... and more, much more.

The society is planning to proceed with the ordinations, despite Bishop Fellay’s concern that new excommunications could "jeopardize everything" and derail the society’s discussions with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Central to those talks will be the society's unambiguous condemnations of the Second Vatican Council, particularly in reference to the council’s affirmations of religious liberty, ecumenism and the separation of Church and state.

While the Swiss-born superior general prefers to resolve these doctrinal issues before he accepts canonical status in the Church, he insists that he is open to reaching a provisional compromise position with the Vatican.
"If Rome gives us enough guarantee, so to say, of survival, I think probably we would certainly consider it," he said.
"We have no problem with the Church recognizing us, of course." Here


berenike said...

""We have no problem with the Church recognizing us, of course."

Does anyone else find this comment hilarious? :-D

gabrielle said...

Please everyone double our prayers that this will happen. We need the SSPX as much as they need to be reconciled. Also please show charity. I realise there has been a lot of nasty comments from some of the SSPX Priests and faithful but lets be bigger than that. I, for one, will always be grateful to the Archbishop and the brave stand he took.

Confiteor said...

I see a certain irony in Bishop Fellay's comment, Berenike. I don't find it hilarious, because I think that it is a sad thing that the SSPX is not recognized by the Church.

I look forward to the day when the SSPX is a force for restoration within the Church. I was scandalized by the interreligious emphasis of Pope Benedict XVI's recent visit to the Holy Land, and I think that the SSPX has some good commentary on that topic at the DICI site -- commentary such as you're not likely to find anywhere else, yet the tone of which is remarkably muted compared to SSPX rhetoric of the not-too-distant past.

St. Jude Pray For Me said...

Yes, Reverend Father, this is a possible good news.

Only a mind free from prejudices, only an heart free from rancour can clearly hear the voice of God and recognizes the right way to follow.
It seems that Bishop Fellay and SSPX are on the right track, now.

With All Respect

Parmenides said...

Yes, Father, this does represent a change. Let us hope.

Anonymous said...

Let us all pray for Holy Mother Church on this great feast day of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. May all Roman Catholics be once again in unity under the beautiful banner of tradition. Our Lady of Fatima please pray for the Pope and the leadership of the SSPX.

We thank God for the Sons of The Holy Redeemer for giving us such a beautiful example. We left an SSPX chapel when they returned to unity with Rome and we pray that the SSPX will do likewise.

Anonymous said...

As you say father, supporters of the SSPX criticised the reconciliation. Not the SSPX. Any reasonable, I repeat reasonable (sometimes hard to find I agree) person who supports the SSPX as I do will tell you that the SSPX does in no way criticise the move, and wishes to do the same once the apastolic mission set out by its founder has been achieved. This mission was not the mission of your community, therefore the move is quite acceptable once there is no danger for your community. However the SSPX unfortunately still has so much yet to achieve, and I am sure you would agree with that. Please continue to pray for the SSPX, especially now, when we have never been closer to achieving our goal.

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