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Saturday, February 06, 2010


FSSP Chapel, Guadalajara, Mexico

Matthew Bellisario has posted about the SSPX protest Guadalajara, Mexico.

SSPX Says Protest Against FSSP Chapel In Mexico is Justified!

I really am taken back by the press release from the SSPX on this whole ordeal concerning the FSSP in Guadalajara, Mexico, where they disrupted a Mass by their loud protests and so forth. The SSPX admits that there was an SSPX priest present at the protest and they admit that there were at least 80 people outside the FSSP church during Mass. After dancing around the issue in the main body of their press release, they followed up with an addition at the bottom which reads,

"NB from USA District: the act of reparation made at the FSSP's chapel was justified (regardless of the priest's private disposition), because the Fraternity of St. Peter officially supports false ecumenism via their May Protocol."

So there you have it folks. Straight form the horses mouth. The SSPX have now officially claimed that the FSSP are supporting false Ecumenism!
Here is the link to their press release. Read it for yourself. As we can see, the story was not made up, and all the facts that have been presented thus far in my first article have been corroborated by eyewitnesses and the SSPX themselves. Below is a picture of the FSSP Chapel where the protest happened.
Matthew Belissario


We know SSPX priests who would be very sorry to read the N.B. of the SSPX USA.
Let us continue to hold that this SSPX USA statement does not reflect the opinions of the whole SSPX; just the leadership of one SSPX District.

That statement is either a proud refusal to offer a humble apology
or it is the true expression of schismatics.

We hope that it is just a bold expression of pride;
but if it is not, let us also place an N.B. on the page:

Throughout Her history,
mobs of "pious" schismatics have used violence
against the One True Church
showing themselves to be doing the work of Her enemies.

Countless of Her Faithful children have been martyred,
often by religious zealots:

the "pious" who believed themselves to be true Christians
armed with the "Truth" in the cause of God.

But here is the dividing line between
truth and error:

The Catholic Faith has ever conquered by the Cross:
not by the Sword, (nor with the mob nor by the spray can).

The Catholics are the Friends of the Cross;
The Infidels are the Friends of the Sword:

let each choose the Cross:
With the courage to say sorry;
with humility, meekness and self-denial.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Fathers, for your statement. You never fail to be the voice of Our Lord for me.

Unfortunately, I know the 1st Assistant of the USA SSPX District Office. I would not be surprised if this statement came from him. Let us pray to Our Mother Mary Immaculate. She will keep her children on the royal road to her Son.

Again, Fathers, thank you. May God Bless each and everyone of you

dren on the royal path to her Son.


Anonymous said...

The link to the SSPX article is dead.

James Bellisario said...

Now the SSPX has removed the entire statement form their website. Not sure what is going on now.

Memory Hole said...

Google cache version here.

Should the cached version disappear, you can see screengrabs of the page: PART ONE and PART TWO.

David said...

The means that the good Lord commonly uses to restore and uplift the Church is called holiness. It is the life of grace; it is faith. It is absolutely certain that every good action within the Church uplifts the Church. The greater the goodness of the act, the more the Church is uplifted.

…The good Lord doesn’t need numbers, but He does need holiness… He asks us for it, and I should say that this battle, these terrible, horrible difficulties that we have briefly outlined, should be for us a stimulant, a real stimulant towards holiness—let’s dare to use the word, it is a very Catholic word… That will be the best way we can contribute, collaborate, and co-operate in helping to bring about an end to the crisis in the Church.

~Bishop Bernard Fellay, Paris Conference, 8-10 January 2010 (

Words to live by.

David said...

Here is another quote from Bishop Fellay, recently posted on Rorate. It is from Bishop Fellay's sermon on the Feast of the Purification:

And now, it is asked, will a result be achieved in the discussions with Rome, will we soon have an agreement? Frankly, sincerely, speaking in human terms, we do not see such an agreement in view. What does an agreement mean? On what are we in agreement? On the fact that only through the Church we find the means of salvation? ...

This does not mean abandoning truth in order to find a middle way, absolutely not; yes, in human terms, we will not reach an agreement, the way we see things, [the talks] do not serve any purpose, in human terms. Yet, when we speak of the Church, we do not speak in human terms, we speak of a supernatural reality to which Our Lord promised that it would not fail, against which the gates of hell would not prevail. And, therefore, even if we face a difficult and contradictory reality, we know that events are in God's hands, He who has the means to put things in order. It would be proper to recall that to talk and to debate is necessary, but it is not enough: when one talks about saving souls, when one considers how God rescued the Church from other crises it faced through the centuries, we see that holiness is that with which He renews and heals the Church. Without grace, and remaining solely at the level of men, all is lost from the beginning. All of us, as Catholics, must, therefore, act, advancing in grace, in the love of God, in charity.

I detect a theme.

James Bellisario said...

Unfortunately the cached version does not contain the last NB that was added later.

St. Jude Pray For Me said...

Dear Rev. Fr. Michael Mary,

Now that this secularized world needs to regain a staunch Faith in Christ, outrageous actions like the one some members of the Mexican SSPX have committed against an FSSP Church in Guadalajara , are to be considered as highly destabilizing actions.
Bishop Fellay and the SSPX have the duty to firmly condemn the facts of Guadalajara and to apologize to the FSSP.
Again, Dear Reverend, quoting your words I affirm that true Catholics can face each other " ... with the courage to say sorry; with humility, meekness and self-denied ".

With All Respect

Oliver said...

We all know seekng communion with the conciliar church is signing up to the well-known false ecumenism that she preaches. Whatever happens at a local level by individual priests must not blind us to this crucial fact. Ecclesia Dei communities are all tied to the reforms of Vatican 2 whether they believe in them or not.

Filius Redemptoris said...

Its true Matthew, because its extract from St Louis Grignon de Montfort "Friends of the Cross" :)
God bless.

thetimman said...

God bless the community at Papa Stonsay. It must be heart rending to have to call out the transgressors that one knows and has worked with before. Our Lord suffers in His Church.

David said...

Dear Oliver, please explain how a priest is "tied" to false ecumenism if he doesn't believe in it. Either you believe in false ecumenism or you don't. Either you preach in favor of it or you preach against it. Fr. Romanoski is clearly against false ecumenism.

Also, Oliver, please show us where the FSSP as an organization has endorsed false ecumenism.

I know, you'll say that the "Conciliar Church" teaches false ecumenism, therefore those who are in communion with the "Conciliar Church" must profess -- on pain of sin -- to believe in false ecumenism, etc, etc. These are slippery, forked-tongued arguments of the devil. Whoever listens to them slips, little by little, into full-blown schism, and thus into hell.

No one here is listening to you, Oliver. I dare say that Bishop Fellay himself will leave you behind. The ship is leaving, Oliver. Climb aboard or sink into the murky depths.

Anonymous said...

There is no such animal as "The Conciliar Church".
No such existence.

There is only The Church.

I surely hope that H.E.Bishop Fellay apologises to Father Romanowski personally.

If it means anything I will apologise.
Dear Father Romanowski, I know in my heart that you are a good and holy priest and I know in my will that you are against false ecumenism.
I, as a member of the Mystical Body of Christ apologise on behalf of anyone who desecrated the Church that you are pastor of, and I apologise also for any disruption in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at your church.
Man, this steams me!!!
How dare anyone denegrate such a holy apostolate/ministry as the FSSP.
I wish we had them in our state.
Man, do I want to throw down!!!

Damian Bath said...

This act was not committed by members of the SSPX for that to be the case it would have to have been committed by a Priest Num rother or possibly hird Order member as only they can be members of the SSPX Lay people cannot.
Unless the people who did this are caught how do we know they are supporters of SSPX and not Sede Vacantists using SSPX as cover.

As the price of their return to the hurch all the indult societies have to accept and not criticise atican 2 and its reforms.

It was Cardinal Bennelli i think who coined the term Concilliar hurch.

David said...

As the price of their return to the hurch all the indult societies have to accept and not criticise atican 2 and its reforms.

Utter nonsense. Fr. Romanoski FSSP criticized in his sermon the false ecumenism that has become popular since Vatican II.

David said...

One must wonder why a supposed "right to criticize" has become for some people the precondition for accepting the Pope's call to reconciliation.

Humility, meekness, and self-denial -- these, not critical assertiveness, are the marks of a true Catholic.

David said...

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