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Friday, February 26, 2010

Station at the Twelve Apostles

Friday of Ember Week in Lent.
Station at The Twelve Apostles.

(SS. Apostoli.)

The High Altar inside the Basilica.
The painting over the altar
of the Martyrdom of SS. Philip and James
is considered to be the largest in Rome.

On the Friday in Ember Week
the Station was always made in the church of the Twelve Apostles,
situated at the foot of the Quirinal,
for the examination of candidates for ordination.

This basilica, one of the oldest in Rome,
was built shortly after the time of Canstantine
by Pope Julius I (337 - 352)
on the occasion of
the translation of the bodies of the Apostles Philip and James the Less
which rested there.

Let us pray.

Qui passionibus tuis....

Do Thou, O Lord,
Whose Passion has merited for us
the deliverance from our passions,
grant that my carnal affections may be quenched
by the virtue of Thy divine Cross,
and that I may contemplate Thy holy Resurrection.

O Fount of purity, most merciful Saviour,
preserve us by the merits of this our fast.
Behold us here prostrate before Thee.
Disdain not our uplifted hands,
O Thou the Sovereign Lord of the angels,
Who didst stretch forth Thy hands on the Cross
for all mankind.

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