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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Station at St. Tryphon

Saturday after Ash Wednesday
Station at St. Tryphon
now removed to
St. Augustine
(S. Agostino)

Pope Clement VIII
The Station at Rome was at St. Tryphon's,
who died a martyr in the East.
But when Clement VIII was Pope (1592-1605),
the building being then in a ruinous condition,
both the station and the relics
were transferred to the neighbouring church of St. Augustine.


The Sabbath is symbolical of the peace of God,
and of the repose of the soul
after the tempests of this life.

Many desire this Sabbath, but few attain to it,
because they will not accept the truth
that in order to reach it
they must first endure the dereliction of Good Friday.

He who would rest with Christ
must first climb the mount of Calvary
and die upon the cross
before he can find peace in the tomb of Joseph of Aramathea.

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