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Monday, December 24, 2012

Completion of the Way of Bethlehem

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Anne B said...

The little grand-daughter asked for this hymn:

"O Mary Mother, sweetest, best, from Heav'n's immortal bower,
Do gather for a little child a bouquet of sweet flowers.
I wish my little heart to be a cradle fair and gay,
Where Baby Jesus may repose on my First Communion Day.

My little child, I can obtain, so bright a wreath for thee.
And Jesus will delight to come within thy heart to be.
I'll give thee lovely Charity, more warm than roses grow,
I'll give thee heav'nly Purity more white than lily snow.

The violet of Humility shall yield a sweet perfume.
And Jesus will delight to be within thy little room.
But, then remember, dearest child,the blossoms that I give,
Require the watering of a prayer, or they shall cease to live.

(The little girl is not baptised. May Jesus one day fulfill her desire.)

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