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Saturday, December 15, 2012

He turned the Storm into a Breeze

"And He turned the storm into a breeze: 
and its waves were still."
wrote the Holy Psalmist King David.
Today we had a spot of bother with the tide.
 Last night there was a storm to the east of Papa Stronsay
 which meant that this morning
as our Heavenly King
"turned the storm into a breeze"
 the great rollers of the North Sea
 still came crashing into the east of the island.
(If you click the above photograph to enlarge it
 you will see how tall the waves are in comparison
 to the little ruined house on the horizon.)

This, coupled with extremely high tides
 produces some interesting results!
The force of the sea between
 the pier and the monastery gatehouse
 drives big rocks up into the roadway.
The last remaining herring shed is engulf buy the sea
 as it come spewing inland through St Brigid's Bay.
The rough weather prevented our morning Rorate Mass,
 however by evening the sea was calmed
 but for a strong swell and an awful lot
 of seaweed and sand churned up in it.
 A large bull seal played near the boat as we crossed over,
 eager to find some delicious morsel thrown up by the storm.
Our 4pm Rorate Mass in the northern darkness (by 3.30pm).

Once again the words of the Holy Psalmist set the scene for us.
"Let my prayer be directed as incense in thy sight..."
  "...the lifting up of my hands..."
 " Evening Sacrifice."


umblepie said...

Amazing photographs!
Thank you Father Anthony and all the Brothers for 'crossing the ocean' to Stronsay this afternoon and enabling us to attend Mass in Our Lady's chapel. We are truly blessed, and you are truly brave! By the way the road at the Ayre of Myers was completely blocked this afternoon by rocks and debris - we found this out to our cost!

Transalpine Redemptorists said...

To Tomas (18 August 2013)
The address you sent us does not work. You gave me:

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