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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rose of Stronsay in the Garden of the Church

Today in 2002, ten years ago
on the Feast of the 
Expectation of Our Blessed Lady,
work commenced on the transforming of
 an old building on the Stronsay Pier Head
Our Lady's Chapel
for Christmas of that year
when the 
first Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
would be celebrated within its walls.
and 2012.
Exterior in 2002
the same in 2012.
18 December, 2002, Sr M. Onufria, OSBM, 
giving the chapel a much needed whitewash.
Professions on 2 February, 2003.
The first altar and sanctuary platform has been built
 and the walls whitewashed.
The hidden friend of Our Lady
Mr John Friel, friend, parishoner, expert joiner
and Stronsay Scouser
who has quietly worked on 
the chapel for many years.
Passiontide, 2009.
The walls have been plaster-boarded, 
the new marble altar installed,
 the first altar rails built,
and new pews in place.
August, 2009, new altar rails with gates ready to be installed.
Christmas, 2009.
April, 2011. The roof is decorated with celestial blue and golden stars.
Mr Paul Williams, master plasterer, 
with Brs Xavier Maria, F.SS.R. and Br Magdala Maria, F.SS.R.
 give the chapel its four bells in September, 2011.
 In November, 2011, the large Stations of the Cross are hung.

Thanks be to God and Our Lady
 for ten years of daily Mass
in Our Lady's Chapel
for the Holy Sacraments of 
Confession, Baptism and Confirmation received there,
for the religious professions made there.
Thanks be to God for its Union with
the Holy See of St Peter
that grace which makes our little chapel
Chapel of Our Lady
in honour of the Perpetual Virginity of
Most Holy Mary
and of her title of "Mother of God"
defined by the Ecumenical Council of Ephesus, AD 431.
which blossoms forth like
a Rose of Stronsay
in the Garden of the Church.


Tula said...

I am very glad with you - everything is blessed and full of grace and peace in the Chapel of Our Lady.
I remember when you painted the ceiling blue with golden stars! Evviva Maria and a Rose of Stronsay

Michelle Therese said...

Wow that is amazing! So much has happened in just ten years. God definitely has His hand on Orkney!

God bless!!

Anne B said...

It thrills the heart to read this little epic!

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